Do you need a lawyer?

Whenever I hear this question for any type of case, the answer almost 100% of the time is yes. I make it a point to emphasize that I am not attempting to convince the person that they need to hire this firm (our reputation and experience speaks for itself) but that they need to hire someone. Clearly, if you have been arrested and charged with a child pornography offense, you will have to get a lawyer as you cannot try the case yourself. Waiting to hire a lawyer will solve nothing. There are key moves your lawyer can make at the beginning of your case that can help you to achieve great results such as getting the case dismissed. If you wait too long, those options may disappear forever.

Unlike “street crimes” where the person is arrested as soon as the crime is discovered, that is not always the case with a child pornography offense. Sometimes the computer is seized and searched at a later date. Unless there is a suspicion that a child may be harmed, there is generally no real emergency requiring an immediate arrest. Furthermore, without a confession, the police may not have enough evidence to arrest anyone. Thus, when there is a delay between an accusation and an arrest, it is extremely important that any and all possible suspects hire a lawyer right away. Unfortunately, not everyone does this. For some reason, people think that “lawyering up” may make them look guilty. Trust me, if you are a suspect, the police probably already think you are guilty. The issue is if they have the evidence to back it up. A lawyer can do a lot to prevent you from getting arrested. I know this because I have done it and not just once. Time and time again our pre-arrest strategies have been in child pornography cases and many other types of crimes. Waiting to see which way the wind blows is not a strategy.

The most important thing to remember is that hiring a lawyer before you are arrested is not expensive! Thus, there is no real reason not to hire a lawyer before you are arrested. Call us today to discuss your case.

New Jersey Child Pornography Lawyer

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