Has your lawyer won a trial?

Most criminal cases end in a guilty plea. Its just the way the world works. Most people who get arrested are in fact guilty of something and the State will have some evidence against them. The question then becomes: how will the jury consider that evidence? Unfortunately, too many lawyers are in “plea them out mode” instead of trial mode. There are a number of reasons for this I guess including but not limited to: fear of losing at trial, fear of a trial in general, inexperience, inability to spot defenses and the inability to see how the trial will play out.


When your lawyer doesn’t fully understand the issues at play in your case, most of those reasons for not taking your case to trial may be present. Imagine how fearful a trial would be for a lawyer that does not understand the complex issues in your case. Child pornography cases can be very complex and if your lawyer does not understand the issues, their confidence in trial may be severely lacking. Furthermore, if they don’t understand the complex legal issues in your case, how will they be able to spot the defenses! These cases can be won and yet, they rarely go to trial.


I know of very few not guilty verdicts for distribution of child pornography trials. In New Jersey, I know of only one other lawyer that has one a child pornography distribution case at trial. I am always looking for more but I have yet to find any. Thus, when selecting a lawyer, you should ask them, how many of these cases have you taken to trial and how many have you won? Do you want to be your lawyer’s first?

Ocean County Child Pornography Lawyer


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