Review all of the videos

It is very important to review the child pornography evidence as soon as possible. This is truly the worst part of a criminal defense attorney’s job. It is the mark of a true professional to look at some of the worst images and videos anyone can ever see but it is important to review them carefully. While I seriously doubt that you will run into a case where most or all of the alleged child pornography will be borderline, that possibility does exist. The more common scenario in my opinion is that the State will let a couple of borderline images/videos slip in. Since the defense attorney will likely not get an opportunity to take these images/videos back to the office, it is important to take detailed noted.


It is much easier to look at images than videos. However, if the case does involve videos, the attorney will want to view as much of them as possible. Clearly, sitting there watching hours of child pornography may be impossible to stomach but the prosecutor is usually good about allowing the defense attorney to fast forward through the video. You really need to get a sense of how graphic the video gets. The notes taken from this examination will eventually form the basis for a May hearing and a motion in limine.

Montgomery County Child Pornography Lawyer

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