New Jersey Lawyers Wins Child Pornography Distribution Trial


Union County

This case went on for years due to a number of factors including extensive pre-trial litigation. When the day for trial finally came, we were ready. The State was convinced that the client was going to be convicted of both counts of distribution of child pornography. We were fully prepared to concede to the one count of possession of child pornography as part of the trial strategy since that would not result in prison time. After Jef Henninger delivered a powerful summation, the jury was out for days. After four days of deliberations, the jury acquitted the client of both counts of distribution of child pornography. Even though we pretty much conceded the child pornography possession count, the jury came back hung on this count. Thus, it was a total victory for the client and one of the only times the State has lost a child pornography distribution case in New Jersey


Union County Child Pornography Lawyers

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