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Number of different days – counter, time is not linear on a computer

In order to show lack of mistake/accident, the State will hammer home (when applicable) that the contraband files were downloaded over a number of different days. This is where computer forensics knowledge comes in handy. Time is relative on a computer. The computer only knows what time it is because you tell it what time it is. If you want, you can turn back the clock 10 years on your computer. Likewise, there are some other issues that can impact that time on your computer such as viruses and malware. Finally, in cases of P2P software, it is possible to start a download one day and then finish it days or weeks later. This may cause the creation date to be different since the file is not moved into the download folder until after it is complete. Thus, one accidental batch of downloads may appear to be several. This is an issue you will want to check with your forensics expert.

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